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I think they can get by without fresh greens for several days, if you aren't able to get any.  Consider whole carrots that you can cut into small chunks as needed, because the do stay fresh longer than greens.  In addition to pellets and hay, why not get a bag of timothy hay cubes - they keep for a long time.  Also, if you get a couple of different kinds of grass hay (maybe a bag of Oxbow botanical hay?), it would give the rabbits more variety in the absence of their daily salad.

I wrote a blog post last year for pet owners on preparing for hurricane season - it's for all kinds of pets, so there's some stuff that doesn't apply to rabbits, but there's a lot of useful information for rabbit folks, too. 
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My kiddos have recently been turned on to the issue of being ready in an emergency. I am building 'go packs' for every member of the family, furry and scaled members included. With a dog or cat, nonperishables are easy to pack, but with bunny's need for greens and vegetables, I'm stumped. Does anyone have suggestions of what I can purchase for bunny in place of greens to store in case of an emergency?  Would pellets and hay be enough for several days without damaging her system if we had to flee?  (And on that note, what is the best way to store hay and how long does it stay fresh?)  I know things like kale chips exist, but they're full of sweets and preservatives, and homemade chips would probably mold after a couple of weeks. Any suggestions would calm Bunny's 8 year old owner's mind immensely... thanks. 

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