Re: Need Advice on Catching Stray Domestic Rabbits - Please Help!

Mara Hurwitt & Sam Cox

Happy ending - we caught all three!

I want to thank everyone - and there were several of you - who responded with advice and suggestions. After speaking with one of the people who contacted us about the golf course rabbits, I decided to do a recce run this evening to get a feel for the terrain before taking a small team out to try and catch them this week. My wonderful husband offered to come with, so we loaded some carriers with hay, a couple of xpens, towels into the car, and grabbed a banana, in case we got lucky.

Took about 15-20 minutes for the first one to  into the carrier followed by the second. Then we spent another 1.5 hours catching the third bunny. He would come out of the brush and nibble grass for a while, then approach one of the open carriers and even chin it, then hop away.  After watching him disappear into the brush five or six times we were getting tired and discouraged. Because of the terrain it wasn't possible to corral him with pens. But my husband climbed over the split rail fence one more time and lay on the ground near the carrier. When the rabbit came up to it again, he grabbed him and pushed him into the carrier.

The rabbits are flea infested so they are spending the night in dog kennels in our garage until they can be evaluated and treated tomorrow. They are calm and eating. They're very cute.


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We're received reports of domestic rabbits around a golf course in Annandale in northern Virginia.  

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