Re: acupuncture for arthritis

Mara Hurwitt & Sam Cox

I know a few people who had good results with a combination of acupuncture and cold laser treatment for their arthritic bunnies. The type of laser that our holistic vet uses in combination with the acupuncture is different than the cold laser treatments our regular vet uses for wound healing, etc. and is less expensive.  I think it's worth a try. The other treatment I know people have had some success with is adequan injections.

Good luck!

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hi tal, i have had 2 buns try acupuncture for arthritis but i didn't see any noticeable difference so we stopped after 4 treatments. that being said, every condition/bun is different so you never know. i saw a dog owner at the vet's who said her dog had been getting treatments for about a year because they helped. i even tried doing acupressure (got a book on bunny acupressure) and massage at home but i never did that long enough either to see any noticeable difference. plus my buns were on metacam so that blurred the results of the alternative treatments. sha

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