Re: ADMIN: Demise of Yahoo Groups / Future of Etherbun

Catherine Zelonis

Thanks for all you're doing to keep this group alive.

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Thanks for sending again. Working double shifts without days off. Please keep me posted as to what happens. Anyone feel free to email me directly. 

Thanks again 

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Hi EB'ers,

This is to let you know that we are aware of the impending termination
of Yahoo Groups, and our plan for the group going forward.
(If you havent heard... please read this:

We have been thinking of moving to another platorm for quite a while now
- too long, as it turns out.
The shutdown now forces our hand.
Unfortunately we dont have time to survey the membership to see what
people would like in a group.
Time is short.

We consider the accumulated history of messages and data to be a
valuable resource, and want to take it with us.
Over the past year we have investigated moving to Google Groups,
Facebook, and a few other possibilities.
These platforms have the advantage of being well-known and visible.
However, as far as we can tell none will let us transfer our messages.

We have identified (thanks to one of our members) another list-serv type
of platform, "", which is similar to Yahoo Groups and fits
our immediate needs.
The big advantage to this platform is that they will transfer the
messages (or they claim to, at least... we'll see).
It also offers nice features such as sub-groups, tags, and easy to use
forum tools for both members and moderators.
We will most likely be moving to this platform.
It is not free for a group of our size - but at $120 / year the cost is
very reasonable.
We will probably ask members to chip in.

There is sure to be some bumps in the road, so please be patient - we
haven't done this before.
When the time is right we will inform you about our timeline for the
transfer and how to create your new account on
Be aware that there may be a "dark" period when Yahoo has shutdown, but
the new platform is not ready yet.

Yahoo's shutdown timeline is:
Oct 28 - No new content (posts) allowed.
Dec 14 - All data will be deleted.

Yahoo email will still work after the groups' shutdown.
We have a dedicated email account, "ebacmod@...", for
communicating with members.
Feel free to send any thoughts or concerns.
Especially in the event the group goes prematurely dark before we
complete the transfer, use this address to contact Etherbun management.

Before the shutdown you may also send email to the group owners at

Thanks for your patience and understanding, and for sticking with the group..
-mark for EBAC


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