ADMIN: Demise of Yahoo Groups - Relaxing the Guidelines, etc.


Hi EB'ers,

In light of the uncertainty surrounding the impending shutdown of Yahoo Groups, we've decided to relax the group guidelines to allow questions and discussion about the new platform and the transfer process.

If you have any concerns, post them to the list and we will answer as best we can.
We have been receiving a few questions privately, but we really dont have time to investigate or answer them all.

Answering on the list will allow everyone to benefit from the information.

Keep in mind that we're new to this as well, and don't have all the answers yet.

We will also try to remember to update you on any new developments.

There will be an instructional post on how the transfer process should go, and what you need to do, etc. just before the group goes "read-only" (no new content) on Oct 28.

Until then I dont want to bother writing it up, because... we dont have all the answers yet.

Thanks for your patience,

mark for EBAC

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