Re: Letting rabbits outside in the garden/ yard (temperature question)


I've had 'lucky 13' adopted pet rabbits through the last 20 years and the I only I limit their out time when it is too hot, over 86F/30C (too hot for me, anyway.)  As to too cold, my pets show me their tolerance/ preference based on how they play and explore and calmly forage favorite weeds and grasses in their mini-meadow in the walled/fenced front yard.  I leave the door propped open so they can come back in as they choose, and as soon as I catch them napping inside I close the door. 

They love brief forays into snow and so long as they are in good health I leave them to their choice, down to about 32F/0C, again with the door ajar for them to slip back inside the house.  Generally I'm more watchful and concerned to overrule their choice to be out on a hot day. 

My bunnies would be grateful for your soft, cool day today, and so would I.  Sweltering in northeast US.

On Mon, Jun 29, 2020 at 9:08 AM Ulrike <> wrote:
I've got a question regarding letting rabbits outside in the garden/ yard. They have their own room indoors, temperature approx. 18-19 C (64 - 66 F). Today it's chilly outside, around 12-13 C (53.5 - 55.5 F approx.). It's cloudy, stormy, but dry. But I wonder if it's too cold for them outside. At what temperature would you put indoor rabbits out? The dwarfs have a thick coat but the Dutch and the slightly larger one (unknown breed) seem to have thinner coats.  

I've very much enjoyed the recent posts on bladder stone, vitamin D and diet. All the best to Frodo.


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