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Through the decades my bunnies, old and young alike, have always cherished a fresh mixed hay *especially* with dandelions and clover inclusions.  Long ago there was a Canadian hay grower that specialized in a mixed hay absolutely chock full of dried, long stemmed, dandelion blossoms.  To this day I refer to their dandy candy as bunny crack, and my bunnies beg/cajole/insist that I harvest as many golden topped dandelion blossoms each spring as I can.  I dehydrate them and stash them for winter treats, and of course, they fill all the Christmas stockings around here.  Bunny delights just make my day.  Best of luck to your initiative!

On Thu, Aug 6, 2020 at 7:23 PM Bali <gagandeep.s.bali@...> wrote:
Hi all 

Im up in Canada, Edmonton to be exact.
I have come across some local timothy hay and other grass hay, my two bunnies seem to enjoy the fresh greener timothy rather than the oxbow bagged dust we get. 
Im wondering if this is just my buns, because if not id like to try and get more hay out to all the bunnies near me if it safe and better for them.
Ideally id like to help all the great bunny rescues around me with some of the profits, we are surrounded by meat rabbit breeders and so many dumped bunnies :(  

What are your guys though on fresh hay.
The farm is a friend of my partners. They are a organic farm very small, more of a hobby retirement farm with the surroundings being mostly wild land and other small organic farms. 
Currently the grass hay is a mix of timothy, orchard and other grass as well as some dandelions and clover. 

Any insight and thoughts would be helpful 

I hand cut a bunch of timothy and the also took some of the mix home for my two bunnies. The buggers were picking out the clover and dandelions of the mix hay but they prefer the fresh timothy. 

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