Re: Taking a pet to a vet school instead of a local vet


Wow, that's a shocker.  Folks in the PHL and mid-NJ region may also opt to try boarded rabbit specialist vets at the North Star VETS in Robbinsville, NJ, and Maple Shade (also NJ).  Costly, all services and Dx on site.  Wonderful staff.  Hope this helps.

On Mon, Aug 10, 2020 at 5:27 PM motek_and_gozal via <> wrote:
Friends of mine are moving to Philadelphia. They called the Penn vet Ryan school and were told unfortunately, they aren't seeing rabbits for the time being. They called them last week to ask, and they said that their only (!) exotics specialist quit last year and that they haven't been able to get a replacement. One exotics vet at a major veterinary school...


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