Re: Ten babies


Are you certain she's lactating?  When you run your hand across her belly do you feel damp from her milk?

On Sat, Aug 22, 2020 at 5:21 PM Sharon Lloyd <lloydse@...> wrote:
Bless your heart.  I lived through a lesser (7 neonates) shock in 2003.  Mama was agalactic and I recall feeding those tiny mouths with any common baby mammal bottle nipple was impossible; feeder too large, mouth too small.  Simple solution ... buy a red rubber gastric feeder tube, cut off all but about 1.5 inches (assess visually, guess too long and trim shorter to correct).  Slip the remaining stub end of the long tube over a 1 cc oral tip syringe and voila, a very reasonably sized and textured mama rabbit teat, easy to dispense w/o choking because you can clearly drop by drop dispense.  Your vet may stock Emeraid herbivore formulas for rabbits, not sure if they offer one for neonates.

On Sat, Aug 22, 2020 at 4:58 PM Romina <bunnyquestions108@...> wrote:
We are a rescue. We are anti breeding in the strongest way.

I took in a stray slender bodied lop female. Not only was she tossed out but pregnant as well.
By her lethargy i figured she was either not feeling well, obese but i kinda knew it wasnt either of those.

2 days, some squealing at 5am and voila TEN babies. 
In ten years, this is the first litter for us. 
We  always make a spay appt for a female stray right away (but i am not inclined to late term spay aborts). 

 I am going for 0 mortality. 

***************My question is does she have 10 teats to feed them all ************???
i am concerned that some won't make it. How is this going to work here?
Is it possible she can feed all of them? Theres so many of them!!!

i figure i will get the KMR powder formula just in case a runt starts to wither.

There is a runt or 2. as of right now all are warm and i quite frankly cannot be sure if their tummies are full and round as i dont know the what an empty stomach looks like. 
They look pretty good.

I am prepared to get the KMR and i see it has acidophilus is which is recommended. 
Theres also Well and Good, Petco  but it had some other odds and ends ingredients in it and i didnt see the acidophilus in it.

Thanks kindly for any input.

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