Re: Pain control for compressed spine discs, & long-term prognosis


P.S.  Veterinary chiropractic may also help, although it's still pretty rare to find a doctor willing/able to work on the fragile skeleton of a rabbit or bird.  Might be worth the search!

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In addition to conventional drug therapies, if you have access to a rabbit qualified holistic vet who is certified in veterinary acupuncture, western and eastern therapeutic herbs, you may find additional resources both to help you make your PTS-or-not decision and to consider as adjuncts to bolster pharmaceuticals and in many cases reduce the dependency on them (and their common side effects).  I have not had a rabbit with compressed vertebrae in my care, but several of my high teen years rabbits have benefited considerably in both mobility and pain management with qualified application of these medical modes.  If you have a vet who was willing to Rx the Loop for you, perhaps you already have access to such holistic/complementary/adjunct post-doc training?  TCM (eastern herbs) are a rich source of pain reduction and are, when appropriately Rx'd, quite well suited to rabbit metabolism; extremely beneficial herbal compounds are available by Rx. 

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Hello etherbun,

I'd like advice re: our 12 1/2 yr. old girl who was diagnosed with compressed spine discs in July 2020.   She hopped okay in July but since then one of her hind legs splays outward.  She's unable to hop more than a couple inches when I place her down in her rectangular-shaped ex-pen (3ft. W x 7 ft. L)  with towel padding before her leg splays.  Her R-leg has a healed femur fx from January 2019.   (Her appetite is 50 % good, eating selective foods she likes.  Parsley, kale, red leaf, Oxbow red pepper simple rewards, romaine, being a bit picky but eating nonetheless.)  Our DVM took xrays to rule out any fx in her L-leg.  DVM says her splayed leg is a result of nerve damage from her compressed spine discs.  Meloxicam and Tramadol are her current pain meds to relieve discomfort from compressed spine discs.  I'm uncertain about having her PTS if she is still showing interest in eating when she's not drowsy from her Tramadol dose.   Qs: Has anyone had an elder rabbit with spine compression?   How was their Quality of Life and what pain meds did your DVM suggest?  How much time did you have with your bun if the spinal compression worsened and you did have to make a PTS decision?  Weeks, months?  I purchased an Assisi Loop but have only tried it twice on her, and I'm unsure if the therapy will bring relief I am hoping for.

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