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Chris Norlund

Hi Lisa, and all,
Hoping not to beleagur the circumstances of your rabbit's unfortunate death, but  i hope i  may offer some clarification of the process.
In my recent years as a nurse I wound-down my career doing private duty and often the honor of final hospice care.  In my years of rabbit rescue I have also had the bittersweet experience of being with many dying rabbits. 
Depending the cause of death often affects how it progresses, and it's speed.  So some deaths are by nature more peaceful than others, which can be more dramatic. From what you described, I would say that your rabbit's death process was more in line with a rabbit in unresolved stasis, than an illness. Rabbits-- in stasis don't have a peaceful death. 
 It could have also had a sudden underlying cause as well-- such as a heart attack or-- similar with that kind of finality. 
When this happens we generally don't have time to successfully intervene or be able to euthanize more gently. I think I can also say from experience that the guilt we lay on ourselves for not  being able to help them have a more peaceful passing often haunts us indefinitely. We seem to do this to ourselves repeatedly. It seems to come with the territory of being a devoted rabbit- owner. 

I'm really doubtful that it was a viral nature though, especially a respiratory one. Most respiratory diseases in rabbits- are bacterial. And it's easy for bacterial ones to cause runny eyes and noses ....if they pass it among their partners. Rabbits can get a number of bacterial infections from humans though. 

Sadly, we are not always able to save them or intervene in time. It is out of our control, yet we agonize over it.

I hope this helps you come to terms with your loss.  
My sincere empathy,

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It really is irrelevant. My vet did not tell me she thinks my boy had Covid. I can't say for certain that he did, either. But the circumstances were unusual. He went from being healthy to being gone in a few days. 

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I have to ask - what is the point of asking what vet it is??  Is this so everyone can criticize one person (not that I've had that happen to me)?

If anyone in this group were to ask me that question, I would simply answer with "my vet, that's what vet"

Someone please tell me how knowing the name of the vet will help this issue in ANY way...

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What vet


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I lost my bunny back in February. He went into stasis and was recovering under vet care, when all of a sudden I walked into the room and he was pawing at the floor and gasping for air. Within minutes he passed in my arms. Within 2 days, I noticed my other 2 bunnies had runny eyes and noses. (My family had just been sick with a fever 2 weeks before Pippin passed). We have been battling what my vet called an upper respiratory infection for 7 months now that we can't get rid of. I can't say for certain that it was Corona that killed my boy, but I do wonder...



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Thanks, James. I felt like I was back in graduate school analyzing a research paper.😂 I wish they had included bunnies in that study.😉 I hope I haven’t shared this with my boys. I live alone so I can’t avoid them completely. I haven’t noticed them exhibiting any symptoms. It would be interesting to get them tested.


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