No-contact thermometer -- update


I finally bought a no-contact thermometer for Osher. Taking my own temperature, it gave a reading within the normal range, though I didn't have a reliable reading to compare it to. Then I tried Pashosh. She has a few bald spots (due to a mysterious condition), one of which is conveniently located at her nape, where I was told by a vet to take the no-contact readings. Readings there were in the range of 95-98ºF. Pashosh is severely arthritic, but otherwise fine. I tried her cheek, where she has another bald spot, similar readings. Readings where she is furry were even lower and at the ears also low. Next came Osher. Aimed at his forehead, which is quite large, Osher being a big guy, showed only Lo errors. Aimed at the back of his neck, the readings were 91-2ºF. 
Since my own readings were normal, the thermometer is not defective, but while this is anecdotal, this method appears to be unsuitable for rabbits. I am very disappointed and still on a quest to find a way to take big, ornery Osher's temperature...

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