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karan nixon

How much did this all cost? Most of us in Alaska would be forced to PTS because of the expense. 

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I just wanted to add a note from my appointment with Cornell Veterinary Hospital: cutting the bladder wall during surgery can sometimes cause bladder stones, so the chief of exotics uses potassium citrate before and after surgery to prevent stone formation.  He also uses it to try to reduce bladder stones without surgery.  Potassium citrate (V)  100 mg/ml.  I got it compounded at a local pharmacy with banana flavoring.  For a 4 pound rabbit I was to give 0.5ml by mouth twice a day.  Frodo's bladder stone suddenly disappeared before I could give him this treatment though.  (We think the stone was reduced due to cold laser treatments and then relaxation of the sphincters when  he had a seizure under anesthesia, which allowed the now smaller stone to pass.)

and Frodo and Balin

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