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I've made digging boxes using organic potting soil, sand, and pea gravel. I used an XL storage container and cut 2 holes in it. If you have the space, a plastic kiddie pool is even better. Yes, you'll need to prewash the pea gravel. It's a real chore. It was my least favorite substrate. If your floors are carpeted, I don't recommend pea gravel. They DO kick it out just as much as dirt or sand. Dirt gets super dry and the rabbits had black feet from it. Sand is my favorite. It is easy to clean up and the rabbits track it less that dirt. They also seemed to prefer the sand, honestly. I hated cleaning up the kicked out gravel. Plus it is difficult to wash. All 3 options are good. Just give it a go. You'll find the one that works best for you.

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I wouldn't use any sort of gravel, could hurt hocks. I wouldn't fancy walking barefoot on gravel... 
The mess can be contained quite well IF you use a large, tall box. If bunny has trouble jumping in, you could put a platform next to it. 

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I have not actually done this yet myself, although I have plans to at some point:  I read about filling a digging box with pea stone, small rounded pebbles.  You would want to rinse it well first, as it is usually covered in stone dust, but I loved the idea of this because it's certainly cleaner and easier to pick up than dirt or sand.  Plus there is less concern about contaminants or insects present in sand or stone.  I also hoped it would help file my guy's nails down!  You can get a bag at a garden center fairly inexpensively.  The person who recommended this said he used an enclosed box, such as a transparent plastic storage box.  He cut a hole in one side 4-5" from the bottom so the stone would stay contained.  Personally, I would want to keep the cover off, as I would want better airflow, but it sounds like a great containment system.

Good luck with it, hopefully I will be inspired to put one together this winter!

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