Re: Rabbit Brush/Comb for Fine Fur


We use the Hair Buster ( ) and love it. We have a Flemmie mix with short soft rollback fur and a very fluffy holland lop with a lot of very fine long fur and it works well for both! Since our buns both really hate being brushed - very jealous of all the people whose buns seem to love their brushies - we’ve tried a number of different brushes, including several slicker brushes and brushing gloves and they aren’t nearly as effective as the hair buster.  I have spent 2 hours a day for the past 3 days brushing my molting babies and I have no idea how I would have gotten all that hair off with a slicker brush! 

On Nov 14, 2020 at 12:11 PM, <Mary via> wrote:

Please can anyone recommend a brush or comb for a rabbit with fine fur? One of my rabbits has short hair and moults a lot. His fur is very fine and without any tangles. I have tried various brushes and combs without much success. The best one was a metal comb for pets but it did not get much of the loose fur out. I usually just stroke him and get as much of the fur off as possible. 
Thank you. Mary

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