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David - this is good advice! Also, we have to consider there are different types of fur and different shedding types. Some rabbits pluck easily (Jersey Wooly), others don't (English angora). Some rabbits shed 24/7. Others blow their coats. I've seen it all. So the best de-shedding technique varies from rabbit-to-rabbit. 

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I had a mini Rex and found the best way to groom him was by plucking his fur and not using a brush.  He came to accept it and appreciate the help.  My technique was to pluck with one hand and pet/scratch with the other so he didn't get annoyed (and Noffy was easily annoyed).


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I've found that a flea comb works really well.  It isn't very long and is easy to maneuver.  

Good luck!
Gabrielle LaManna
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Sometimes for really diaphanous fluff instead of comb or brush the nubby textured silicone glove works well, and my rabbits love the gentle massaging feel.  That said though, on my crew it's only useful after I've combed out the big stuff, then use the glove to swipe off the loosened light residue still floating on the surface.  Try a simple rubber glove to get the idea before investing in a specialized tool, see what you think.

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Please can anyone recommend a brush or comb for a rabbit with fine fur? One of my rabbits has short hair and moults a lot. His fur is very fine and without any tangles. I have tried various brushes and combs without much success. The best one was a metal comb for pets but it did not get much of the loose fur out. I usually just stroke him and get as much of the fur off as possible. 
Thank you. Mary

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