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Accumulation of crystals in the form of sludge or stones is not usually a dietary issue, but rather a metabolic one. Has your vet prescribed something like magnesium and/or citrate to help change the pH of your bunny's urine so that the stones start to dissolve? These can be VERY effective for reducing sludge and preventing new stones forming. Bacteria can also change the pH of your bunny's urine that can contribute to the formation of sludge and stones. Did your vet check your bunny's urine for signs of infection?

Christie Taylor

On Tue, Dec 22, 2020 at 5:55 PM JG via <> wrote:

My 4 YO mini rex has bladder stones.  He had the majority of them flushed out today, and I want to do everything possible to make sure they don’t return, if I can.  I have looked around for various listings of low calcium veg, which are fairly similar, with the exception of arugula, which on some lists is low and some is high.  I am also slightly confused about oxalic acid… as some veg are low in calcium but high in oxalic acid… not sure what that means for bunny health?

A very good knowledgable bunny friend also said that there are schools of thought now that the calcium from veggies is not a huge consideration  in the likely formation of bladder stones, so there is no need to especially limit certain veg  (of course all the ones that he likes best are the high ones… kale, parsley, collard greens…. and is meh on lower ones like romaine and other lettuces, though cilantro/coriander seems to be one that he likes that is lower in calcium.

I would be grateful for any experience / current thinking / research on what or what not to feed regarding green stuff.   he gets about 1tsp of Oxbow timothy adult pellets a day, plus hay and veg  (hay with very low to no alfalfa from local farmer, as the hay I was buying… from rabbit hole hay has gone up 30%!!!)


Julie Glover

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