Re: low calcium veg for bladder stone bunny


Hi Julie,

I have a New Zealand White, a big inactive couch potato:). So I do worry about sludge or far no issues. "Knock on wood"
I do not limit his calcium but try to offer a balanced diet. I think hydration is VERY important in cases like this. To ensure my boy is well hydrated, I offer plenty of wet leafy greens, at least 5 varieties daily. I always include plenty of romaine lettuce and/or green lettuce for it's high water content, and cilantro which is his favorite. I'll include a higher calcium nutritious green such as baby arugula, or kale etc, alternate dandelion greens ( natural diuretic ) with parsley, and include a lower calcium greens such as escarole, chicory, bok choy, etc.  I try to follow what Dr. Susan Brown suggests in her wonderful article...

Should avoid alfalfa hay!

This is another excellent article on the subject of.... 

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