Re: Bloody urine after bladder flush

Yes, I have metacam and I can tell it's effective. The vet who did the flush is off for a few days, that's why I posted here, because I know there's very knowledgeable participants in this groups. The bloody urine stopped a few hours after the flush, then started again the next day, then stopped again. I just wanted to see if it was normal to have bleeding 48 hours after the flush. Thank you for your reassuring response as to your own human experience!

On Wed, Dec 23, 2020 at 4:02 AM Thumpers Mama <jmiller111391@...> wrote:
I can tell you I've had a cystoscopy myself and was peeing blood for about 5-7 days afterwards. It also was very painful to pee. I don't know for our bunnies specifically but I assume it would also irritate their urinary tract as well. Is your bunny getting metacam? I hope you get some answers soon. Maybe ask your vet how long to expect this?

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