Hi Folks

We rescued 2 buns. Long story, They're flemmies and about 9/10lbs (for adoption too)
Treated them for coccidia and giardia.
We knocked out the coccidia but the retest shows the below for Giardia. If you understand these tests please confirm the below or correct if it's incorrect.
Appreciate. I did call the lab and spoke to someone that seemed knowledgeable but want to double-check to be sure.

Your answers greatly appreciated.

The Giardia Elisa test said positive 
(I suppose that means there are antigens (or reactions to current giardia organisms)
Ova and Parasites negative
Its my understanding that while they may not have actually parasites they may be in the shedding stage. They have antigens and hence the Elisa came back positive.
And hence they need to be treated.

One vet prescribed .25 per 10lb bun daily of  panacur(fenbendazole) but in the past another vet prescribed much more metronidazole and for a longer period of time, like 3 weeks.
I did not have confidence in the .25 Panacur for 5 days. Is panacur so much more potent that a smaller amount of it is enough to knock out the Giardia? 
Does that seem like the correct dosage. 
A 2nd vet would prescribe .8 two times a day for 2 weeks.

I know the buns can reinfect themselves and you have to keep the area free of fecal matters. I have knocked out Giardia about 5 times prior  - changing the litter boxes like 3 to 4 times daily and keeping them fastidiously free of poops.
I just don't remember how much metronidazole we used. 

Thanks in advance and wishing us a better year ahead.

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