Re: USPS western brush rabbit stamp

Chris Norlund

Hopefully, as they release that lovely new stamp, there is mention of the peril that ALL rabbits are facing right now. This is one of the species of rabbits that is facing extinction as RVHD2 is ripping through the US. 

There is a refuge in Calif that has a small population of the Riparian Brush rabbits, where some just recently were painstakingly captured, inoculated, and released--- in hopes of saving that species.  Cutting it close as the virus is actively moving and spreading in southern Calif.  

Please follow the updates on the virus, which states it is in, and inoculation opportunities for your pet rabbits.  Indoor rabbits are only marginally safer than ones that are kept outdoors. Many of the outbreaks of domestic rabbits actually STARTED indoors, ironically. 

Though it's a longshot, it is possible that if we get high percentage of our domestic rabbits vaccinated, that we can help slow or reduce the ravages on the wild rabbits in our areas too, by surrounding them with a wall of inoculated rabbits.  

So much to lose if we don't proactively take all safeguard measures possible. 

Protect not only yourselves right now, but your rabbits too.


On Mon, Jan 11, 2021, 8:12 AM BenBun'sMom <lloydse@...> wrote:

It's the 20 cent additional ounce stamp, not the first class Forever rate, but still ... nice to use.  Lovely art, pencil and watercolor.


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