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Thanks for this.  My donation was in response to the appeal to pay for the group presence on the Groups IO platform.  I was not aware that monies were also needed to reimburse moderators/owners.  Does the previously stated $110 per year for "last year" (2019 or 2020?) include payment to personnel or is/was $110 the fee required to maintain Etherbun on the Groups IO platform?  I'm trying to understand if Etherbun is effectively covered for its presence on Groups IO for roughly six (6) years from 2019 through 2024. 

When soliciting funds it's courteous and advisable to make available a full financial accounting to donors, and I am certain non-donating members also have an interest in understanding the security of Etherbun going forward. 

Many thanks to the group owner(s) and moderator(s) for their expertise and voluntary support of this long-standing resource for individuals who care for domestic pet rabbits. 

On Thu, Feb 4, 2021 at 8:47 PM mark via <> wrote:
Dear Etherbun Community,

First, apologies for the lack of communication.
Other things intervene - Real life, holidays, and of course.... inertia.

We are thrilled to report that as of Nov 7, 2020 the community has
donated a whopping $699.87!
This was much more than we expected in such a short time.
It reimburses the mods for the last two years, and establishes a kitty
to keep the group running for four more!

We The Mods (and of course The Buns) extend heartfelt thanks to everyone
who contributed.
I don't have the details on who donated how much, but you know who you are.

Thank You!
-mark for EBAC

PS Someone mentioned the lack of a receipt for donations. If you did not
receive a receipt but would like one, please email Dana Krempels at
dana@... with the relevant information. HARE is a registered
401(c)(3) charity.

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