Monty is NOT a good boy

David L. Fisher

Monty is a good girl, not a good boy.  I brought Monty to the vet this week due to a concern about a watery eye, and the vet did a full exam from head to toe, and discovered that there was never a neuter done (we never had a reason to check and assumed we knew the history), so he sexed Monty and determined that my fuzzball is a female.  There is no evidence of a spay, so Monty might still be intact, in which case we are not planning any surgery at this point - I've had Monty for almost 6 years now.

Perhaps this explains what happened with my attempts at bonding with other bunnies.  I wasn't really expecting a gender identity issue with my bunny, but... notice how I avoided the use of pronouns in reference to Monty.  Maybe I can use the term "tomboy" or something.  :)

Monty's eye is fine, no indication of anything wrong, but I wanted to err on the side of caution.


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