Re: Monty is NOT a good boy

Meg Brown

  I agree with Chris snd Karen.   My Rosie was almost 6 when she was spayed and found to have uterine cancer.   It did not spread.    Rosie lived a wonderful life, (Chris, you will remember her from my FB posts)
    She passed peacefully at home at 13.5 years old.   She was paraplegic during her last year, but so alert and loving.  My cat, Cowboy, loved being near her as well.

     Bella was found to have ovarian cancer when she was spayed as an elder.  
Our very skilled vet removed the tumors.  Bella lived for another 5 years and passed from kidney disease.

    I rescued a ten yo male with obvious testicular cancer.   He was neutered and recovered beautifully.

With all of these elder buns (and others over 5 yo), my vet and I agreed to go forward with their surgeries.   Their bloodwork was WNL.   We felt that the risk of cancer and other issues like pyometra was too great.
I always enjoy hearing about your sweet Monty🐰💓

On Feb 26, 2021, at 10:25 AM, christofur2 <karen@...> wrote:

I totally agree with Chris.   It is not too late to have her spayed.   We do not know the ages of most of the rabbits coming into the rescue and many of them are mature females.   As long as they are otherwise healthy, do not hesitate to spay.   One older female,  although nothing abnormal was found during the spay,  developed mammary cancer a few years later.   Luckily it was caught early and removed,  but if we decided not to spay her,  she would have had a very different outcome. 

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