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Chris Norlund

I've been loosely following this thread,  so i may have missed some details. However what is strikingly obvious to me is that rabbits that need to get urgent vet care and are NOT, is neglect and/or abandonment  (may be criminal neglect in some jurisdictions). 
AND  rabbits that are running loose having to fend for themselves are NOT  'owned', but are considered strays. 
If this was my neighborhood,  i would lure those rabbits to my yard with a daily source of food/ water/ shelter, and capture them. Inconspicuously proceeding,  and taking them to a rabbit rescue ( or shelter that proactively spays/ neuters/adopts).

Every day that those rabbits are loose being strays they are on borrowed time,  awaiting a tragedy. 

If you need help capturing them,  talk to your local rabbit rescues for assistance.  Often one of us will even loan traps or come out to help. If you can't find anyone local,  I would even consult with you by phone and give you instructuons that would help you develop a plan that fits your situation. 

If something happens to those rabbits and you could have done something-- it will haunt you forever.  
You're not breaking any laws by capturing  strays.

If you are concerned about former owner finding out, make sure the rabbits go to a rescue and not a public shelter. A rescue will watch your back. However its doubtful former owners would even care or notice the rabbits are gone  anyway. 

Good luck!!

Ps. Where are you located? Need help finding a rescue group near you? PM me. 

On Sat, Feb 27, 2021, 10:46 PM Meg Brown <bustercharlie@...> wrote:
Hi Ellen,
   That is so sad for those poor bunnies and must be really difficult for you to witness.

     Letting bunnies run around loose is considered Animal Abandonment in NYS.  I have helped a few bunnies by bringing that to the peoples’ attention.
      In 2 cases, the people wanted to relinquish the bunnies.  In every case, it led to an initial conflict as people usually think it’s fine and they become defensive.

If you can talk with the people, perhaps you could at least nicely say that you noticed the ear issue ... and that you have some medication which works great for not only ear mites (which it sounds like), but fleas.

  Revolution 1x a month for 2 months should clear up the mites, if that’s what the problem is.   Both bunnies should be treated.

     Wishing for the best outcome for the sweet bunnies💗🐰🐰


On Feb 27, 2021, at 9:01 PM, thompson@... wrote:

Hello bunny-lovers, I have two beautiful buns who stay inside the house. My neighbor has two bunnies that she lets roam around the neighborhood : (  I noticed that one of the bunnies has a HUGE infection in his ear - the whole ear is filled. It is so sad. I would like to help this bunny but I don't know what to do? Thank you so much for any ideas.
mom of Cinnabun and Clive

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