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The ONLY enzymes that will break down keratin (the main protein component of hair) is pancreatic enzymes.  You can get freeze-dried powder at most natural food stores.

We suspend the contents in 10cc of clean water with a tiny bit of aloe nectar to make it palatable.  It works best at a neutral pH, so our vets also recommend giving a small dose of famotidine about an hour before giving the enzymes.

Along with lots of oral hydration (which is critical) and occasional enema, the enzymes seem to work really well. 

Bromelain and papain will break up mucus proteins holding a "hairball" together, but they will not break down keratin.

The real key is hydration of intestinal contents, and lactulose can help with that, as long as the bunny is well hydrated all around.

If you've never tried an enema to help jump start a static gut, it is the best way:

A few extra pointers: The enema can be repeated every four to six hours. The colon absorbs water. If your veteterinarian has directed you to give your ailing bunny subcutaneous fluids as part of her therapy, be sure to consult with your vet to determine whether any adjustments need to be made to fluid dosages.
With all of the above, be sure to check with your vet if you're inexperienced, since you don't want to do more harm than good.


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Hi Bunny gurus.

One of my buns, a Conti Giant, Shiruba, went into GI stasis two days ago… was amazingly surprised, as she is a mighty eater and pooer.  about 2.5 or 3 YO.  I first treated her from home with metacam and simethecone and tummy rubs, and then some Domperidome, that I have from a British friend, as I didn’t have any home stock of metachlopromide.

No improvement, so took her to the emergency vets the next day.  She got some sub q fluids, and an injectible drug that they annoyingly didn’t detail on the release notes, something that is being used off label to help with stasis.  Sent home with metacam, metachlopromide and told to administer sub q fluids if necessary, as I have them here too.

She was finally showing poos last night.. misshapen, lots of them teardrop shaped, with lots of fur… or string of pearly.  This morning there is more poo, and she is back wanting her pellets, veg, hay, etc.   which I am really glad about…   because of the fur in her poo, and the fact that she is moulting like crazy (she is almost always shedding somewhat, she has an amazing thick coat).  I try to brush her, and keep on top of it, but because of all the fur in her poo, I suspect that excess floof was the cause of the gut slowdown.

What can I give her that might help either breakdown some of the fur, or help its smooth passage through her gut?  I seem to remember somethign called laculose (sp?)  I don’t know if that is a vet only thing?   I had been giving them a small piece of dried papaya as a treat once per day, thinking the enzymes might help a little… I am currently out as Target has discountinued their supply.. but should be getting some in the next day or two elsewhere.

I am due to go out of town in 4 days, so would love to have some ‘insurance’ that this won’t happen while I am gone… if she backslides I won’t go… but am hoping to get ahead of this so it won’t be a problem now or in the future.

Thanks very much!!

Julie Glover

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