Re: Stasis - moult relief suggestions


there are many methods of helping bunny out of stasis. for myself, i gave organic extra virgin olive oil to my buns in stasis with great success and if given at the onset, they usually went back to normal very quickly. i would buy a fresh bottle for each stasis episode just to make sure it wasn't rancid. i gave from 0.7cc to 1cc slowly and carefully with a 3 cc syringe to my around 4 lb buns. usually one dose was enough.  i used to take my buns to the vet when they got into stasis and that was so stressful for us and expensive too. i know some might be concerned that the oil is not a natural bunny food but it is a small amount, or that the evoo might impede absorption of subq fluids but bunny always recovered so i didn't worry too much about those issues.  sha

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