welcome home new bunny

David L. Fisher

I just took in a white female New Zealand rabbit (currently only has the name "Bunny" so I'll be working on giving her a fitting name).  One of the neighbors posted on the nextdoor app, and it was "free rabbit" - so I pounced to make sure she would be safe. The family actually rescued her, had her 3 years, did try once before to place her but the other rabbit got aggressive, and I'm just hoping that Monty will be nice to her.

It's a bittersweet thing, though - I am sad for her having to leave her home (she had run of the place, there were 2 cats and a dog, they all seemed to get along, but the family wasn't sure about why the rabbit was hopping towards and then away from the dog, perhaps lunging).  I'm hoping she settles in quickly - she is snuggly, but rather timid, so I'm giving her some space to explore and realize that this is a good home and she can be happy here.

I have all of her supplies from the family, and I also had already put down food and water and greens.  I just offered her treats (raisins, banana) and she hasn't touched them yet, so I think she's still a bit unsettled about the move.


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