Re: welcome home new bunny


Hey Dave! 

Congrats on meeting your new bunny friend! We took in Philip, our Flemmie mix, through a rehome as well, although he was being housed alone outside and the state of his nails and the laundry basket full of carrots he was given to us in hint at less than ideal care before we found him on Craigslist. 

When Philip came to us he spent a long time hiding but now he’s constantly running up to us and demanding pets with his pushy little nose. We also had Eleanor when he was rehomed and the way we handled it was by rotating the rabbits between an x-pen and being free roaming, which allowed them to get used to each other’s scents safely, and before we knew it, they were snuggled next to each other on either side of the x-pen!  Eleanor failed to bond after several months with a bunny she vibed with at an HRS bunny dating event but really took to Philip and had an easy bonding with him, so I wouldn’t worry just yet about doing a blind bonding so to speak. Bunny love is a beautiful but mysterious thing! 

If you’re still in contact with the family, I might ask if they fed her any particular treats or if they know her favorite veggie. She may just not be familiar with those foods and not yet trusting enough to try them. I would also leave them in her area if not taken immediately so she can perhaps work up to approaching them. Try to keep her on whatever pellets they were feeding her if you can, even if they’re garbage as Philip’s were, so you can gently transition to a different pellet - 1st week 7/8 old pellet and 1/8 new pellet, 2nd week 3/4 old and 1/4 new, etc. etc. 

For now just make sure she’s eating - I couldn’t tell from your message if she was - as moving is very stressful and GI stasis is a real concern. I’m sure you already know these things but it’s never hurts to be reminded. Again congrats! I’m sure you’ll find the right name for her and she’ll be a great bun friend to Monty! 


On Jun 3, 2021 at 6:39 PM, <David L. Fisher> wrote:

I just took in a white female New Zealand rabbit (currently only has the
name "Bunny" so I'll be working on giving her a fitting name).  One of
the neighbors posted on the nextdoor app, and it was "free rabbit" - so
I pounced to make sure she would be safe. The family actually rescued
her, had her 3 years, did try once before to place her but the other
rabbit got aggressive, and I'm just hoping that Monty will be nice to her.

It's a bittersweet thing, though - I am sad for her having to leave her
home (she had run of the place, there were 2 cats and a dog, they all
seemed to get along, but the family wasn't sure about why the rabbit was
hopping towards and then away from the dog, perhaps lunging).  I'm
hoping she settles in quickly - she is snuggly, but rather timid, so I'm
giving her some space to explore and realize that this is a good home
and she can be happy here.

I have all of her supplies from the family, and I also had already put
down food and water and greens.  I just offered her treats (raisins, 
banana) and she hasn't touched them yet, so I think she's still a bit
unsettled about the move.


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