Older neutered male rabbit humping...


Dear all, 

Our 8-year old male rabbit Timothy has been humping his 8-year old wife-bun Clover relentlessly for a few months now. He also sprays all over and his thing is fully out when he tries to hump. He was neutered at the age of 4 months and she was spayed at 6 months. 

The humping is relatively new behaviour and Clover has always been alpha-bun. Most of the time, Clover allows the humping - she just goes about her business, eating etc but there are also times where she is clearly annoyed and tries to get away from him. He then chases her around. In between the humping sessions, they groom and cuddle etc. 

We have separated them with a fence a few times when the humping has gotten too intense and Clover hasnt been allowed to eat in peace. We are also a bit worried about his humping given their age.

We took Timmy to the vet a few months ago and an ultrasound was done to check if they could see any remnant of his testicles but that was not the case. We also had a blood test done to check testosterone and thyroid levels but all normal. 

Just wanted to ask if anyone had any advice or if there is anything we can do? We have another vet appointment on Friday for health checks etc. 

Thank you!


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