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Hi Tal,

Occasionally I have offered my rabbits cracked/cut dried rose hips as a "treat" but not too much and not daily.  Rose hips contain sugars ( fructose, sucrose, glucose ) so that's another reason I would limit it.

Below is a recommended dosage from a bunny site that I had on file..

Recommended dosage ( this is for the cut/cracked rose hips )
Small and medium rabbits - 1/4 teaspoon; larger rabbits - 1/3 teaspoon; rosehips can be given daily."  ..... Although personally I would not offer daily due to the sugar content, ( unless maybe I'd decrease the amount a bit ).

I would follow the recommendation on the Binky Bunny's website, as the information is from a Certified herbalist ( floppers garden ) and I believe a long time fellow bunny rescuer/lover.
Recommended: 1/4 tsp, three times a week. 

Hope this helps,


On Monday, June 7, 2021, 01:05:11 AM EDT, motek_and_gozal via <talsaarony@...> wrote:

I have been giving rose hips as a treat for years in the hope it will help with arthritis. Not sure if it does or not, have definitely had bunnies who developed severe arthritis while on it (along with other stuff), but it seems like a healthy treat. I have a new girl, estimated age 5 months. She doesn't want apple or carrot, but loves her rose hips. I have been giving her 2 tbs. twice a day. I was looking at the binky bunny website and they say "rose hips (adult bunnies only)". Does anyone know of a reason I shouldn't give my young girl rose hips or should restrict quantities?



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