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I've fed brambles (roses, blackberries, raspberries, dewberries, etc. I rinse and sun dry them) from my garden for years without issues. They nibble the thorns off rose trimmings first. 

Dried whole rose hips from various online shops are also a welcome treat in our house. Frontier and Starwood both package organic rose hips as loose tea. The quality is reliable; they're fragrant and not dusty. 

I don't give more than a pinch; the nutrition data for fresh rose hips suggest they're quite nutritious. Dried is slightly less nutritious, but still great as a treat, especially relative to packaged treats.

I'm always skeptical of "some [people] say". The plural of anecdote isn't "data", but at least with anecdotes and personal opinions, you can ask the person questions about their experience and reasonings. 

Christie Taylor

On Mon, Jun 7, 2021, 5:52 PM David L. Fisher <dlf@...> wrote:

I got mine from Sweet Meadow Farm, and all of the bunnies that I've offered them to really liked them and I didn't see any issues.  They're small dried flakes, and I thought they were meant to be ground up and added to food, but they also work as treats.  The bunnies just crunch them down.  :)


On 6/7/2021 5:46 PM, paulette via wrote:
Good article. It appears article pertains to "fresh" rose hips, which should never be given to understanding is only the "dried" cut, sometimes described as cracked rose hips are safe for rabbits and Guinea pigs.

I only purchase Organic dried cut rose hips from Mountain Rose Herbs or Starwest Botanicals, and I have never seen any seeds or hairy parts:).


On Monday, June 7, 2021, 05:05:26 PM EDT, Erik and Maizey aka crazy Maizey <hopefullysomedaysoon@...> wrote:

Usually the seeds are removed when dried, depending on who prepared them. Most the hairs are on the seeds but there are more along the inner walls of the rosehip as well.

this link pertains to human consumption, but the irritation mentioned is worse upon rabbit’s digestive tract and additionally their respiratory system.

otherwise...tons of vitamin C!! And never caused an issue with any bunny I’ve known.

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