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Hello Talia,

When my bunny got his dental exams, his exotic vet always did it under a mild sedation to be able to see the very back of his mouth.  Otherwise you really cannot see well unless the bunny is very chill and forgiving.  If his vet did not sedate your bunny, maybe you could ask her/him if she/he was able to see the very back molars.  In the meantime, I would suggest supplementing with critical care (try to mix it with a little bit of pure pumpkin to see if your bunny will not eat it on his own.  Mine loved it that way!)

Hope this helps!  Wishing your bunny all the best!

Beata  (Angel Yogi 💕)

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Hi Talia,
It is possible, like Dana mentioned, that there is a problem spur hiding back there. Some bunnies are so sensitive that the tiniest spur throws them off. Also, the whole sore mouth from the dental procedure (having their mouths opened so wide, unnaturally). Are you syringe feeding him during this phase? Also, out of curiosity, what is his weight and what dose of meloxicam is he getting?

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I am having ongoing dental issues with my ~6 year old holland lop, Seymour, and am wondering if anyone has any thoughts or advice. He had never had dental issues until about 8 months ago, when he went off his food and seemed uncomfortable chewing. He had some molar spurs, which were trimmed, and got back to normal pretty quickly. This same thing happened again about 2 months later, and then again ~6 weeks after that. He also received x-rays and had bloodwork done to rule out infection or other issues. After the third trim, he did not go back to normal eating despite his teeth looking fine, so I took him to another vet for a second opinion. She suggested that there could be an issue that was not showing up on x-rays, so he had a CT scan to look at his teeth in more detail. The CT did not show anything too obvious, but that maybe a couple of his molars are not growing super straight and could be causing him some discomfort. The vet does not think an extraction is needed at this point, so he received another molar trim in an effort to correct his bite.

It's now been 2 days since that trim and he's definitely still uncomfortable and not wanting to eat. I know that he will probably be in pain for a few days after the trim, and he's currently getting Gabapentin, Meloxicam, and Sucralfate for that. I should add that he's been on the Gabapentin and Meloxicam for about 6 weeks, since his third molar trim. With that pain management regime, he was able to eat pellets and some chopped-up greens (but no hay). I guess my question is, does anyone have experience with this sort of mystery dental issue? It arose so quickly and it still seems unclear what the main problem is or what a good long term solution could be. The treatments he has received so far have been insanely expensive :S Also, now that he's been on a modified diet for almost two months, and has not been eating hay, I am wondering what the best way to encourage him to eat hay again is. Should I slowly cut down the amount of pellets he is receiving so that he's hungrier? Should I wait until he is finished his pain meds to do this? I really just want to make sure that he's getting enough food for now. I also worry that the medications he is on are affecting his appetite, etc. 

Any advice or recommendations much appreciated! 

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