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Margaret Suchow

You might want to feed critical care until he eats hay

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I just saw your reply which addressed most of what I wrote, sorry about that!
I am thinking that his mouth/cheeks might still be sore from the procedure to eat hay, so hopefully he will start soon.  My Yogi had molar trimming only twice in his 11+ years of life but every time it took some time before he would feel comfortable eating as usual.  Let's hope that's the case with your bun as well!

Hang in there!  Best wishes to him and to you! 

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Thanks, Nancy and Dana.

The vet used a scope/camera to view the back of his mouth during the procedure so I'm pretty confident that they were able to check everything out carefully. They were specifically looking back there since he had still been uncomfortable after his previous trim and suspected the issue was in the back of his mouth. 

He is eating on his own (pellets and a bit of greens), just is not interested in hay yet and is still eating slower/more carefully than usual. He had been off his hay for a few weeks while we were waiting on the CT scan appointment, so I think part of the problem is that he is now used to his new diet. He will also eat critical care out of a dish, so I've been giving him a bit of that. His appetite is there, just not the will to eat hay. I want to give him a few days to recover from the dental procedure, but then plan to back off on the pellets and critical care in the hopes of getting him hungry enough to munch on hay again. He is very stubborn! 

He's about 1.9kg and is on 0.5cc meloxicam 2x/day, along with 0.4cc gabapentin 2x/day. He's been on this regime for about a month while waiting for this latest dental appointment, so I'd like to get him off the pain meds soon in case they are affecting his appetite and energy. 

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