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Anneka Herre

Hi Shrikant,

Where are you located?

You mentioned force feeding 4mL of vegetable juice. That is not enough and is not the right thing to feed.

Another poster mentioned feeding "Critical Care." Oxbow Critical Care is the name brand for a powdered nutritional product for herbivores to which you add water for syringe feedings. You may be able to get it through your vet.

If you don't have access to Critical Care, you use the hay-based pellets you normally feed and grind them to a fine powder using a blender or a mortar and pestle and add water until the mixture is thin enough to be pulled into an oral syringe.

Canned pumpkin can be added.

Depending on the size of the rabbit, you should aim to get 10-20mL into them 2-3 times a day.

You mentioned he does better after the drip -- subcutaneous fluids are very important. You can do these at home with instruction from your vet if they provide the supplies to you.

Good luck and really hope he starts to turn a corner soon.


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Hey Shrikant! 

I’m so sorry to hear about your bunny! From what you’ve mentioned, it sounds like your bunny is experiencing GI stasis which is a serious issue!!! Do you have bunny-specific vet? This is a very common issue - my bunny Eleanor had it last year -and also a very deadly one. Your bunny should have received IV fluids and maybe a motility drug, depending on the X-ray. I don’t have the knowledge to evaluate the X-ray but it will usually indicate if there is a blockage causing the stasis. If there is, your bunny needs surgery and shouldn’t take a motility drug but  a blockage is a lot less common than general stasis. 

Your bunny really needs to be carefully monitored as this is a very very serious situation. I agree with your vet that you should be force feeding critical care. If you have any issues with that - my bunny was a handful - please let me know and I can send resources. Hydration is key so make sure what your giving also has lots of water. 

As to the behaviors you mentioned, your bunny is in a lot of pain. When bunnies are in pain they don’t eat and they usually are in a crouched position barely moving. Your bunny needs to be given pain medication!!! Meloxidyl or meloxicam is usually what’s given. 

I’m happy to send along other resources on GI stasis but realized I should get this email out because this is an emergency situation and your bunny should be closely monitored and receiving a lot of care. 

I hope your bunny feels better soon! 

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Hello team, 

I have a 2-year-old boy(Pikachu), he is an angora breed. For the past 3 days, he is not eating anything. He is just sitting in one place and not even moving continuously as he is a very cheerful and playful bunny. I visited a nearby Vet to get her consultation, he suggested few medicines and injected him with  RL/ENRO/MELPERINORM/RANTAC/ELDERVIT and told us to force-feed him and try to orally feed him with Enterogermina. It's been 3 days now, we are daily going to the vet and nothing has changed even a bit. We got his x-ray and Stool routine test done. and right now he is just surviving on drip and 4ml vegetable juice that we have to force-feed him. 

I am really worried about him, as I have never seen him like this and we are also unable to understand what can be the issue here. One more thing he becomes a little active after the drip only.

I am attaching his X-ray and Stool routine test, if anyone can suggest/advise or help it will be greatly appreciated. 

thanks in advance. 

Shrikant Kukreti


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