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The video on enema with text instructions can be found here:

A few extra pointers: The enema can be repeated every four to six hours. The colon absorbs water. If your veteterinarian has directed you to give your ailing bunny subcutaneous fluids as part of her therapy, be sure to consult with your vet to determine whether any adjustments need to be made to fluid dosages.
I've found that nothing works more quickly to get a static GI tract moving again.  But DO NOT do this without consulting your vet about proper technique.  Learn how to do this before you need to do it.


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some people use water enemas to help bunny out of stasis. here is a youtube video on how to do it.  just be careful. i have never given one so if anyone has comments about the video, pls post.
(1) How to Give Your Pet Bunny an Enema - YouTube

here is also dana's article on how to help bunny out of stasis. (includes enema instructions)
Gastrointestinal Stasis:

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