Re: leash and harness


Veronica, I tried taking my first bunny Harvey on "walks" with a harness and am sorry I tried it. I'd take him to parks and when living in Miami went to a park with a large pond. Little did I know there were alligators in it and once Harvey went to the water's edge,😱 that's when I saw the gator warning! I never returned. When living in San Francisco I took him to a park where dogs were (on leashes) so I tried walking him on a path where few dogs seemed to be but a poodle suddenly approached before I could scoop Harvey up to hold him. I heard a bunny scream for the first time; Harvey was terrified and I had to hold him a long time soothing him. So no, please don't put Miffy -and yourself - through that like I did! Way too many scary things in the big world for a bunny to take, not to mention bugs.

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