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Sometimes a bunny just chooses a special human for bonding.  We have no say in the matter.  Some of my bunnies are real "Daddy's kids", and others prefer me.  You have to just go with the flow.

And I agree with the suggestion of allowing him to pick a spayed rescue girl, once he's neutered.  More love to go around!


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I am not saying you are ridiculous. But, having two buns (our bun boy bonded with me, our female bonded with my husband) we are taking this in stride, and are very happy to have such happy buns! Just seeing them happy and content is enough for us, no matter who they are cuddling with :-) Maybe the answer is to get Axl a GF = double bunny love???

Connie Bock

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My boyfriend and I acquired a new bunny over a month ago, who we called Axl. He's an unneutered (due to be done in Jan/Feb 2022) lionhead/hotot male, 3months old. It started off relatively well, but over the time we've had him, I've noticed that the closer he got to my boyfriend, the further my bond with him got. We take turns in feeding - he does the am feeds and I do the pm. We both give the same type of attention and I'm quite sure I generally give Axl more attention, or I did at the start as the boyfriend had work while I am unfortunately unemployed at the moment. However... It seems no matter what I do, I am always ignored when the boyfriend is around. It became suddenly much worse overnight; I used to get some kind of attention when he was free-roaming, then today I may as well not be even in the room. 

Last night, I was giving Axl some attention when the boyfriend walked in the room and started giving him some fuss as well, lo' and behold Axl leaves my side to be with the boyfriend. The boyfriend started tickling Axl near his hind quarters where he has a little "skirt" of fur, and the bun started honking, and circling. From then on whenever the boyfriend is near, Axl will honk and go toward him. If I do the same - tickle the same area - Axl will just ignore me and hop/run away. He doesn't even approach my area. It makes it harder whenever I do try to bond with Axl, the boyfriend does give him a lot of attention which diverts him / reinforces him away from me. I had to ask him to back off today because even when I was on the floor doing my own thing, Axl preferred to ignore me completely and sit directly beside the boyfriend, begging for attention and splooting right by him. Today its like a switch had turned overnight, because Axl has not spent even an hour by me; he's been free-roaming for around 4 and a half hours and the only time I've had with him is when I was on the floor in a location where Axl had to pass me to get to his litterbox or the boyfriend. Other than that, I may as well just not be here.

I'm embarrassed to admit that I am getting a bit emotional over it. I'm jealous, confused and feeling very rejected. Nothing has changed over this week - neither me or my boyfriend are wearing anything new from Christmas, I haven't done anything to scare Axl. I'm even giving him veggies and the occasional yummy snack to try and bribe him and nothing is working.

Is anyone able to give me some help here, whether its information on what the heck is going on, or why this has happened? I've just spent close to two hours on the floor trying to get a tiny bit of attention from this rabbit and now I've turned around and seen that the boyfriend has put Axl on his knee and giving him lots of strokes and Axl seemed very content there. It feels like everything I am trying to do, he's undoing it. This latter thing got me very annoyed, if I'm honest.

I'd love for some input here; am I being ridiculous? 

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