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A group devoted to the health, care, and behavior of domestic companion rabbits. Please be aware in advance that discussion of breeding rabbits for *any* purpose--including pets or show--is NOT ALLOWED on EtherBun. Our rabbits are not commodities. They are family.
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  • Etherbun Admin
    This Subgroup is for members to ask questions that are Off Topic for the main list -Email / issues, Guideline questions, suggestions, etc. Use this group to ask if a post is on-topic or not. You may ignore this Subgroup if you are not interested. You may post to this Subgroup without subscribing to it. However you must subscribe to receive messages posted by others. To subscribe: send a blank message to To post a message: send it to
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  • Etherbun Announce
    Subgroup for Etherbun Management to make announcements. *ETHERBUN MANAGEMENT REQUESTS THAT YOU SUBSCRIBE TO THIS GROUP AND ENABLE EMAILS.* If you do not, you will  receive no sympathy if you miss an announcement!
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  • EBAC Moderator Channel
    Moderators' channel, for use by the EBAC (EtherBun Advisory Committee) only.
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  • Etherbun Test
    Test Subgroup for moderators to experiment with.
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