Encephalitozoon Cuniculi a silent killer

Joseph Carras

Hello to the team.

I don't want to get into details and keep this simple hopping that I might help some other people. I really hope that some parts of this can be pinned because it might save some bunnies out there and save a lot of pain and grieving of loving owners.

E. Cuniculi is really a nasty parasite because:
  1. Hard to diagnose
  2. Can be dormant for many years with out any symptoms
  3. Very contagious
  4. Silently destroys kidneys, and other organs
  5. Can be confused as old age symptoms.
  6. Symptoms can be very different than those found online.
  7. You can do the full treatment and still get sick the day after treatment if you have not properly and thoroughly cleaned all areas.
  8. Can last for months if you properly care for the sick bunny
  9. In the USA 8 out of 10 have been exposed to it. In UK 6 out of 10.
Some of the symptoms that I experienced that were not mention at all any where:
  1. Refusal to drink (in most online articles they say that rabbits increase water consumption - in my case the bunny completely stopped drinking water and had to do fluid injections)
  2. Dramatic increase in sleeping hours (the bunny would only be awake during critical care feeding / fluid injections / baths )

What you should do:
  1. If you bring any new bunny home keep it isolated in a cage and give panacur for 28 days. Make sure you don't let the bunny out of the cage, clean the cage very well and do wash your hands very well every time you handle the bunny.
  2. If you have not yet treated your bunnies with panacur, do it now for all, and make sure you clean theirs areas very well as the spores can persist and bunnies get sick again.
  3. If you have a sick bunny and looks like old symptoms ask your vet if it would be good idea to treat it with panacur to rule out E. Cuniculi. In about two weeks you should see huge improvements if it is E. Cuniculi.

E. Cuniculi is nasty. I also need to mention that I treated E. Cuniculi a few month before my girls fall ill as a precaution for a new baby coming home. We visit the vet quite a few times and all time we concluded that bunny was very old and the symptoms she had did not fit well for E. Cuniculi. I realized that something was not right when the bunny developer cataracts in a period less than 3 days (my vet insisted that I was wrong and that she had developed this condition many many weeks and I just did not realized it) and because I had the medicine I gave it any way to rule it out. A few days after my other bunny had a seizure and then the vet told me that he also believed that it was E. Cuniculi as well. Two weeks after the bunnies made a very good recovery; the first to get sick can now again run around, eats and started drinking water and the 2nd has not had any more seizures... However both are visibly not what the used to be. Now for those wondering how we got it, my wife's father brought their bunny home, and although I did not let it come close to mine (not even in the same room) the shared the garden; he peed everywhere and my first to get sick she would run and smell them.

Wishing you all the best, and thank you for your kind support and the help you have provided to the rest of us!