Fostering bunnies while my bunny has E. Cuniculi?


Hello Etherbunners,

I posted a few weeks back about my Lionhead girl Cammi.  She was acting very aggressive towards me after I brought in 2 baby girl bunnies as fosters.  Since then, I've moved the 2 girl fosters to another foster home, and I brought Cammi to the vet.  She is almost totally blind:(  She was a "foster fail" from the local humane society 2 years ago.  She was abandoned on their doorstep with a fractured skull and mangled back foot.  I fell in love with her and couldn't bear to part with her.  She's a super sweetheart and is doing much, much better.

My vet ran a blood panel for E. Cuniculi testing, and it did come back positive.  We're treating her with 28 days of Fenbendazole.  My concern is that my vet recommends I no longer foster rabbits so as not to stress Cammi.  This really breaks my heart!  I've been a bunny foster mom for nearly 20 years, and am currently the Intake Coordinator for a local rabbit rescue.  We always need foster spaces, especially ones with experience with behavioral and medical issues, like me.  How do those of you experienced with this issue feel about my vet's recommendation?  On the one hand, I certainly don't want to stress Cammi at all.  On the other hand, if I keep the foster bunny downstairs and wear different clothing to avoid scent transfer, would that be helpful enough?  I have fostered bunnies in the past while Cammi was here, with no problems.  It was just this recent experience with the 2 unspayed girls that we had a problem.

Thank you for any insight.  I appreciate it:)

Karen Skewes