Lactating mom with upper respiratory


Hi Folks
Always something....
This sweet girl gave birth just 2 days after arriving to our rescue. 
She has upper respiratory. Was briefly checked by a vet who listened to her lung sounds. 
Its more from the lungs, like coughing not the dwarfie nasal centered infection type upper resp.
Any case, i was told TMS would be ok for a lactating mom which we are giving (2mls/day)
It kicked in after about 10 days and the coughing subsided. Now today and yesterday i hear her having coughing fits

Any suggestions? 

Even if i do a culture, i am not sure of which ABs are ok to use while lactating. She has about another month of feeding the babies.
They are almost 4 months old. 

Im thinking to simply continue the TMS in the hopes it will kick in again. 
Then stop and worry about her after she finishes with the babies. 
Maybe the lack of stress with the babies will help her get better. 

Of course the concern is passing the upper resp. Not  sure that happens automatically and they are not sneezing thankfully.
That would be a new one for us. We've experienced every other nightmare.