Max factor rabbits


I am looking for input from anyone that has experience/knowledge about caring for rabbits born with the gene defect known as Max factor. Our rescue took in two NDs in April 2021 via owner surrender knowing that the baby was blind and disabled.   In the first vet visit, we learned about Max factor.  Since most breeders do not allow these babies to live, there is very little information about them on-line and our vet has never treated one.  We now have the mother “Ginger” and “Rocky” the disabled “baby” who is now a year and 4 months old.   Let me say at this point,  that both bunnies are doing well despite their handicaps. Ginger has spondylosis with an ‘S’ curve in her neck.  Rocky is blind and his hindlegs are useless to him,  but you should see him zoom around his pen and steal his mother’s food.  He knows his route around the pen and happily uses a little towel to scoot around on the linoleum.  We keep a close watch on his bottom as he does not have guard hairs (only undercoat fluff) for fur.  Both are on Metacam daily for pain control.  Ginger has been spayed. Rocky is a male, but no external testicles can be found.  Exploratory surgery would be too much of a risk.  


The one issue with Rocky is that while he is a great eater and does have normal fecal output – and for the most part cecal consumption, he also has a brown liquid discharge often.  They had mites on intake and for a while we were blaming the Revolution,  but that treatment is long over and yet the brown liquid discharge continues.  It does not seem to be cecal related.   We would be interested to learn from those who may have had rabbits surviving with this gene defect as to what it might also do to their internal organs, special care they needed and how long they lived.  We appreciate any input you can offer.


Karen A.