Monty update

David L. Fisher

Monty is still on oxygen (and doesn't do well without it for any length of time) - they removed some fluid from around her lungs/heart (caused by heart failure, which they are trying to treat).  They are going to draw blood (which they didn't want to do until she was breathing better).  They are being very careful about how long she is off oxygen due to her labored breathing, and are wary of giving pain meds until they can get a better read on how to treat it (as in, the "pump" isn't moving fluids around enough right now to make them effective).  She is also on diuretics but hasn't peed yet.

Bottom line, I don't think it's going to matter too much what we do, Monty probably doesn't have much longer.  I declined to go back and visit her in the oxygen tent because I don't want her feeling my heartbreak (like in Feb 2018) and I want her to NOT feel like it's the end in my eyes, but I will go see her if she starts going downhill and we have to do something to stop her suffering.



i didn't know monty was so sick. i am so sorry david.  i hope the vet can drain the fluid. sha


I am so sorry Monty hasn't shown any improvement, and hope there will be some before the end of my day.  I will keep her in my prayers.  Please keep us posted.

Take care,