rabbit only eating greens


Hello, I'm hoping to see if anyone can help:

All of a sudden he's stopped wanting to eat hay or go in his litter box, and is no longer excited for his treat or pellets. He is eating about a quarter of pellets of what he used to, some days none at all. On the other hand, he goes crazy for his greens more than ever before. 

He's been back and forth to the vet for the past two weeks, at times having stayed for 6 days with no conclusive evidence of any sort of physical health issue. There are no issues with his teeth (he was sedated to take a look), his bloodwork is normal as were his x-rays. 

Currently we have him on meds including: stool softener once a day, reglan as well as an appetite stimulant. He is being closely monitored by the vet. He is producing varying sizes of fecal pellets, and we do not believe it is a stasis issue currently, even though he's had that multiple times in the past. He is active and does not seem to be in pain, however he is losing weight. 

We've tried him on a variety of hay and pellets to see if he would be interested in something different. We are not sure what the shift in behavior is attributed to, but are now convinced that it must be behavioral. 

If you have experienced this in the past, or could offer some suggestions as to how to get him to eat again, that would be greatly appreciated. 

Thank you.

Jean Silva

There are exams and then there are exams. My vet will use and odoscope to look in a rabbit's mouth. But if you really want to be sure, an exam needs to be done while the rabbit is anesthetized. I had a similar experience with a ~1 to 2 year old rabbit who stopped eating pellets, but would eat greens. Of course I sent him to the vet for an oral exam, but nothing was seen during the initial exam. Since the problem persisted, I asked that the vet perform an exam under anesthesia. He found and trimmed a molar spur.

Jean Silva
Santa Barbara